Natural Substances and Extracts

Natural Substances and Extracts by Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd and Biogenic Stimulants, Inc. Actual medicinal products are being produced and on the market from the list of substances shown below, and these are key products with world recognition for their quality and benefits – Tribestan, Tabex, Nivalin, Carsil, Phytin to name a few. They are all based on proprietary extracts incorporated in production in Sopharma encompassing the whole production chain – from herb collection, processing, and extracting to producing finished medicinal form. We used to offer these materials and extracts, but in recent years two things happened – increased demand for our brand name medications, and increased difficulties for collecting and processing the herbal material.

If interested in sourcing these materials from us please contact us, and have in mind the following: the herbs used for extracting these materials are seasonal herbs, and we usually produce substances sufficient for finished forms. We can accommodate additional orders, but it will require some advanced planning for us to source herbs, and production to be planned.

Natural Substances and Extracts Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd and Biogenic Stimulants, Inc. offer:

Product description Item number Order sample online
Silymarin substance (kg) EB2030-10302
Silymarin substance 100 g EB2030-10323
Tribulus terrestris substance (kg) EB2030-10301
Tribulus terrestris substance 100 g EB2030-10319
Galantamine HBr substance (kg) EB2030-10309 Out of stock
Galantamine HBr substance (10 grams) EB2030-10320
Glaucine hydrobromide substance (kg) EB2030-10324
Glaucine hydrobromide substance 100 g EB2030-10325
Esculin substance (kg) EB2030-10313
Esculin substance 100 g EB2030-10321
Cytisine substance (kg) EB0280-10311 Out of stock
Phytic acid substance (kg) EB0280-10312 Out of stock

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