Glaucine HBr substance

Glaucine HBr substance is an alkaloid extracted from the plant Yellow Horned Poppy Glaucinum flavum Grantz. It possesses antitusive action. Unlike codeine it does not suppress respiration does not inhibit intestinal mobility and does not produce drug dependence addiction.

Item # EB2030-10324

Molecular mass: 430.22

Physicochemical indices of the finished product

¤ Appearance amorphous powder
¤ Color light-brown
¤ Solubility
in water slightly soluble
in alcohol poorly soluble
in chloroform soluble
in ether practically insoluble
¤ Melting temperature (°C) 234.0 - 236.0
¤ Weight loss on drying (mg/g) not more than 1.0
¤ Sulfate ash (%) not more than 0.1
¤ Heavy metals content (%) not more than 0.01
¤ Glaucine hydrobromide content calculated as dry substance (%) not less than 97.0
¤ Microbial content  
Total microorganisms (number/g) not more than 10-3
Moulds and yeast (number/g) not more than 10-2
Enterobacteriaceae, Ps. Aeruginosa, St. aureus not allowed

Supplied: The substance is filled in polyethylene bags of 5 kg and placed in cardboard barrels.

Standard: Bulgarian State Standard

Expiration term: Four years

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