Bulgarian Rose Oil

Rose oil (Rosa Damascena P.Mill) by the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc

Rose oil is one of the most exquisite fragrances Earth has ever emanated. We have evolved it in an art of aroma and a beauty of sensation.

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Bulgarian rose oil

Bulgarian Rose oil also known as Rose otto, Attar of Roses from the last original distillery the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc. Bulgarian Rose oil is a Bulgarian tradition of over 350 years old!

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Rose oil is obtained through hydro distillation from the Bulgarian Rosa damascena P.Miller. Rose oil is an oily transparent liquid heterogeneous mass below 23°C with yellow color and aroma characteristic of Roses.

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Bulgarian Rose Oil Key Indices:

We would like to emphasize that not all the Bulgarian Rose oil is the same. Based on scientific data and research Bulgarian State Standard has established values for quality Bulgarian Rose oil for key important indices. This specification is also a base for the European Pharmacopoeia specification of Rose oil.

Specific gravity at 30/15°C: 0,8206 - 0,8710
Freezing point, °C: 11,5 - 27,20
Polarization, °: 1,04 - 4,90
Acid number: 0,7081 - 4,2740
Ester number: 7,48 - 18,30
Acetyl number: 198 - 235
Saponification number, %: 8,16 - 21,914
Combined alcohols like C10H18O, %: 2,03 - 25,114
Free alcohols like C10H18O, %: 60,89 - 76,11
Stearoptene, %: 12,65 - 21,00

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