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Phytin (Phytic acid)

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Sunflower pic bullet Relieves physical and mental overloading
Sunflower pic bullet Enhances human body endurance during intensive exercise

In healthy adults Phytin produced very good effect in the cases of serious physical and mental fatigue and intensive sports when it is given as a tonic drug.

What is Phytin?

Phytin is isolated from plants and belongs to the group of organic phosphates. It is a mixture of calcium-magnesium salts of inositehexaphosphoric acid known as phytic acid. Phytin as salts is found in plants (predominantly in seeds) and in animal tissues and organs as well. In the human body phytic acid exercises the function of phosphate depot. It is destroyed under the influence of phytase enzyme to myo-inosite which is resorbed.

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