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BPG Ltd. owns and operates number of domains for the purpose of making valuable information available for individuals and organizations. The information that is currently available and constantly updated relates in big part to the nature of our business. It is primarily related to the four major categories of products we carry, namely pharmaceuticals, including natural products and dietary supplements, cosmetics and personal care products, essential oils and herbs. The information comes from Bulgarian sources, including but not limited to business organizations, scientific institutions, government archives and other relevant sources. Most of our information is originally generated in the Bulgarian language (a Slavic language) and this fact by itself possess some difficulties in translating large volumes in various languages. We find it very efficient to present the information in electronic form on the Internet. For this purpose we have registered number of domains. A partial list of the domains is available below where there are several company web sites and several product web sites indented to indicate belonging.

Web sites information and specifics:

  • There is a common interface on all of our web sites and for one is easy to return to the main web sites: and
  • The search function will make searches throughout the system unless specifically limited by the available search options.
  • The shopping system at is available throughout the system.

BPG Ltd Partial web sites list

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