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BPG Questions and Answers System Explained

BPG Developed a Question & Answer System to efficiently answer questions and archive the ones containing usable information for user review and finding quickly answers to common questions!

Questions @ Answers Archive: BPG Q & A Archive

A system for one question and the answer from our support team. No help desk tickets, or emails.

Type your name, email and question, copy the characters above the Code... box.

Your email will be kept strictly confidential and never used. Limit is 400 characters for question and same for the answer - and no attachments.

BPG Questions and Answers System data entry box

See the question and response as soon as we respond.

We will also send you an email with the Question and Answer.

BPG Question and Answers responses

Questions with valuable information will be archived.

The archive will only show non-sensitive information - Name and Question/Answer and no email will be disclosed: see the archives page .

BPG QandA archive

The BPG Guarantee for effectiveness and security

  1. Your name: use your real name, or an alias.
  2. You email: use your actual email in order to receive our response. Emails will never be compromised by us.
  3. Your questions: Our moderators will respond to your question, and personal email dispatched as soon as we respond.
  4. We will respond publicly to your question - our moderators will classify the question in a Category, and decide on the following options:
    • Respond and Publish – published in the archives, and email dispatched.
    • Respond and Not Publish – not published in archives, but email dispatched.
    • Ignore the question – not answered, but retained in the database. Email dispatched.
    • Discard – not answered and not recorded in the database. No email dispatched.
  5. Moderators can see the question and respond from the server, not local computer.

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