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About the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.

Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. is a closely held Bulgarian Limited Liability entity. The company was initially founded in October of 1990. BPG Ltd. is engaged in the representation and distribution of products from Bulgarian origin and represents the product lines of number of leading Bulgarian manufacturers including, but not limited to the companies listed on this web site. In general, the product lines extend to pharmaceuticals and health supplements, cosmetics and personal care products, extensive line of natural products, essential oils and herbs.

During the period prior 1990 Bulgaria specialized within the former Eastern Bloc amongst other fields in the development, production distribution of pharmaceutical and health related products. In this field the country and its pharmaceutical industry have made significant achievements, which we are proud to offer to our customers.

Bulgaria is a special place in terms of diversity and unique varieties of flora and fauna because of its geographical location and climate. We are particularly proud to offer to the world the achievements of the long-term experience of Bulgaria in the field of phytochemical research, selection and extraction of products from plant and other origin. You will find in our and related web sites information on sophisticated natural products.

Starting in October of 2006 we have undertaken a reorganization where the natural products division Biogenic Stimulants, Inc. has been setup and will take over production and distribution of all natural products. BPG Ltd will concentrate on its core activities.

We are hopeful that our small contribution will help improve people's lives!

The Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.

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