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Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd

Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. is a closely held Bulgarian Limited Liability entity. The company was initially founded in October of 1990. BPG Ltd. is engaged in the representation and distribution of products from Bulgarian origin and represents the product lines of number of leading Bulgarian manufacturers. Product lines extend to pharmaceuticals and health supplements, cosmetics and personal care products, extensive line of natural products, essential oils and herbs.

Tribestan banner

Tribestan (Tribulus)

Natural product from plant origin extremely effective and safe for the reproductive system of men and women.

Tabex banner

Tabex (Cytisine)

Stop smoking aid from plant origin developed on the basis of the alkaloid Cytisine in Cytisus laburnum (Golden Rain acacia).

Galantamine banner

Nivalin (Galantamine)

Natural, not synthetic Galanamine for improved nurotransmission. Alkaloid with anticholinesterase activity.

Carsil banner

Carsil (Silymarin)

Pharmaceutical grade Silymarin. Carsil has well documented benefits with hepatoprotective and antioxidative action, with a consolidating effect on the cell membrane.

Phytin banner

Phytin (Phytic acid)

Phytin has worked wonders for athletes, students, housewives, professionals, people needing stamina and strength in their profession.

Essential oils banner

Bulgarian origin essential oils distilled by Bulgarian Organi Rose Plc. Organic, conventional and dried herbs. Some 21 varieties. Pre-orders accepted before distillation campaign.

Flower waters banner

Bulgarian origin flower waters distilled by the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc. Organic (EU, USDA, JAS) certifications, conventional and freeze-dried by lyophilisation.

Rose oil banner

Bulgarian rose oil from Rosa Damascena. Organic, conventional. Rose aroamtics as well - absolute and concrete. Genuine traditiona 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil.

Lavender banner

Bulgarian origin Lavender from Lavandula vera distilled by the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc. Organic (EU, USDA, JAS) certifications, conventional and freeze-dried lavender water by lyophilisation. Lavender absolute and concrete.

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