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Clove essential oil (Eugenia caryophyllus)
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EB0053-117-58 Clove essential oil 10 ml

EB0053-113-08 Clove essential oil (kg)

Commercial orders:
  • Advanced orders for the following crop year: $20.00 per kg
  • Volume orders: 22.00
  • Available in sizes of 200 kg coated barrels
  • Price base: FOB Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Commercial customers contact us for price and shipping quote


Botanical name: Eugenia caryophyllus
Part of plant used: Leaves
Country of origin: Vietnam
Cultivated herb: Unknown
Natural herb: Yes
Gathered herb: Yes
Organic certification - certifying body Not organically certified
Fumigants used: N/A
Method of manufacture: Steam distillation
Material safety data sheets: Upon request
Method of analysis Organoleptic, physico-chemical and Gas chromatography
Known formulation incompatibilities: None
Must be homogenous blend: Yes
Seasonal harvesting: Unknown
Certificate of analysis: Yes
Appearance: Liquid
Chemical definition: Essential oil
Synonyms: Unknown
Storage: Store in well sealed containers at to 5 25C in dry and well ventilated premises. Avoid direct exposure to sunshine or heat sources.
Color: Dark brown to black
Aroma: Flowery
Physicochemical indices:  
Relative density at 20C: 1.047
Refraction number at 20C: 1.5315
Polarization in 100 mm tube: -
Ester number: -
Eugenol content, %: 83.75
Composition: Eugenol
Expiry term: Five years under good storage conditions
Application: In perfumery, cosmetics and medicine

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